Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Last One

Since it is my last Dirty gallery, I'm showing a couple of teasers! It was a fun theme, and I hope you'll go take a peek and scatter some love for all the team's hard work! I can't believe how fast these six months have flown by...what an enchanted, magical time it has been!

Congratulations to Melody Rupple, and to my friend online and IRL, Latisha Yoast! I'm so excited for them both!


  1. Girlfriend, you totally rocked the gallery this month!!! I love every single one of your cards. I will miss you terribly in the pile, but will be seeing you shortly on the other side. It goes by so fast {sobbing}. Big hugs!

  2. What? Over already? I can't believe how fast that went! Can't wait to see what door opens for you next!