Sunday, October 31, 2010


October has been such an incredible month! While in some ways I'm relieved that it is coming to an end, in other ways, I am hugely disappointed.

Our church has sponsored a pumpkin patch for most of the month, so I am happy that today marks the end of pumpkin patch duty! My son and I worked as a team and have put in about 15 hours altogether. In the beginning I thought I'd pack some markers and images to take so that I could color while we were there, but early on I learned that it was just too windy and/or there were too many interruptions (a good thing since it was a fundraiser!) to get much stamping accomplished. Besides, it has been really fun to see the children's delight as they come to pick out their pumpkins, sometimes in their costumes...I have really enjoyed it. I must admit that there are lots of things I could do with 15 hours of time! ;)

Florida has seen little to no rain for this month, and the air is FULL of pollen...but THAT and our battle with allergies is a whole 'nother story!

I have been so blessed to have been invited to spend the Sundays of October posting to the Flourishes blog as the Flourishes Limelight designer, and I am very sad to see that time come to an end. I loved the stamps, papers and ribbons they shared with me, and have fallen in love with cotton linen ribbon!  It has been so much fun to work with their intricate, elegant images...they are so very beautiful, and they definitely stretch my stamping skills.  Because some are realistic images of animals or flowers, I've had to research how they should be colored, adapting techniques and paying close attention to light and shadow. Julie also asked me to share some of my techniques, which really challenged me to scrutinize the way I stamp and try to identify little things I've discovered that make things work better or look more realistic. Some of the things one might take for granted are the very things that another stamper would love to find out about!

I hope you'll visit the Flourishes blog to read my final post there and learn about the two projects I've posted here as "teasers." You'll find tips and techniques, as well as links to the products I have used. I am hoping that something has inspired you or that you've learned something new to try! I'd love to hear what you think!

As busy as October has been, I'm sure, based on past experience, that November and December will prove to be just as hectic, each in their own way! Nevertheless, this is my favorite time of year to stamp, and I'm searching for a balance between real life and life in the stamping studio! 

Hoping to see you again soon! Happy Halloween, and blessings for the coming holidays!


  1. These are STUNNING, Deb! Love the fun layout on the fist one with that angled panel, and such a perfect bow on the second. Both are colored beautifully!

  2. Two very awesome cards, Deb - both so beautifully designed and colored.

  3. Gosh, both of these just simply take my breath away, wonderful designs! Happy Halloween Deb! Have fun!

  4. Both cards are wonderful Deb. I love how the Doves turned out. :)