Thursday, May 12, 2022

Yooper's Kitchen Decor

Hey everyone!  

My husband is currently in the kitchen cooking up a batch of his amazing red sauce and it smells so heavenly in here!  Olive oil, sweet onions and lots of garlic!  He hasn't even gotten to the tomato part yet!    

Since he is of Italian heritage, we eat a lot of Italian food in our household, although now mine has to be gluten-free and I miss the real thing sometimes.   Patrick is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and it seems like it's Italian everything everywhere when we visit up there!  That is what gave me the idea for a Yooper Kitchen card for this week's Stamp Simply project.   

This card makes me smile because we actually have quite a bit of Yooper decor fact, I drank coffee from Patrick's Yooper coffee mug just yesterday morning!  Almost every Christmas my sister-in-law sends him some Yooper something.  He often wears an orange UP hat that makes everyone do a double-take.  Some people think it is a Tennessee Vols hat until they look a little closer...then they usually have to ask what it is because it is mostly only real Yoopers who recognize the shape of the map of the UP.  

Small print designer paper and some wood grain texture paper made this an easy card to make and even keep flat for easy mailing.   The pitcher was stamped on printed paper (I thought that it looked like an olive branch) but the olive oil bottle and  "Love" box were stamped on white card stock and colored with Copic markers.

Here's the inside, which includes the definition of Yooper and a big bold 906!  Yooper actually is Patrick's nickname from when he first joined the Navy way back when!  We were sooooo tickled when these Stamp Simply Yooper sets came out and it has been fun to play around combining them with other sets that we have!


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