Sunday, October 24, 2021

Christmas JOY

Today's Stamp Simply project started out with the intention to make a flat-for-mailing card, but as you can see, it ended up going in a different direction!  Sometimes it just works out that way and you gotta go with the flow, right?!

I stamped the holly leaves with Memento ink and colored them with Copic markers.  Then I used the coordinating dye to cut several masks out of printer paper so that I could stamp the background with text without inking the leaves.  I used Delicata gold ink and "finger-pressed" the stamp onto the paper over the masks to get a faint, partial impression (and I was bummed that it turned out so faint that it is difficult to see, especially in a photograph.  Because I did not use a stamp jig it was impossible to repeat the inking...I will probably try again with this original idea using a stamp positioner next time to improve upon the execution!)

I was disappointed but opted to keep going since I was happy with the way those berries turned out!  Then as I was clearing things from my desk, I dropped a big splat of ink right onto the middle of the card.  😳

So, QUICK! I grabbed the ivory acrylic paint and painted over it, and then covered it with this lovely die-cut shimmery gold cross. Whew!  JOY!  And then I immediately thought, wow,  this is a reminder of how I'm "covered by the Cross!"  Even stamping can be a spiritual experience with a lesson to be learned!

I used the same mini background to stamp the inside.  I'm sure now that you can actually see it, you're singing along too!  I just had to include that little music score (from another new set!) in the corner!  I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more of that one!


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