Thursday, July 30, 2020

Belated Birthday Bouquet

The other day during dinner we were joking about how every day is like "Groundhog Day, the Movie" because most of our safe-at-home days feel so very much the same.  My guys are working/schooling from home and during that time I am spinning, knitting, etc., just trying to stay busy and quiet without being a distraction for them.  

I really haven't been paying much attention to the calendar lately because we have nothing scheduled, but then I missed a friend's birthday and so I needed to make a belated birthday card.

The rich colors of this G45 diagonal plaid were calling to me, and I used the pretty printed rectangles for an alternating block design with a sentiment stamped in the lower left corner.  A bouquet of bitty blossoms stretches diagonally across the card.  The flowers have burlap string fringe-y stamen and enamel dot centers with bitty blossom leaves and a few floral cluster die-cut smaller stems of leaves .

A strip from that same page of patterned paper carries the theme to the inside where there's the perfect belated birthday sentiment!

Supplies, all from Stamp Simply:

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