Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What an amazing day!

Hello everyone! No card for you today...Tuesday is the longest day of my week, and today there have been extra distractions. The garage door opener decided to break, dh is at home not feeling well, etc. You know how some days go! Thankfully, the repairman is here with the part we need and we'll be back in operation in no time, minus about $150.

Just a reminder: today is Day 2 of 2RedBananas' Week of Peeks. Wendy, Teresa, and Jeanette each are previewing the new April journaling spot. Be sure to check it out and also to come back tomorrow for a sneak peek at another soon-to-be released set.

Now, to tell you about my absolutely amazing day! I woke up yesterday to find that my SNS Be Blessed card had been chosen as card of the week on Stamp TV's Florida group. Such a nice surprise first thing in the morning! Then at noon, I found out that my most recent Color Dare card was chosen as one of 10 cards for Stamp TV's Center Stage! See that cool logo I get to keep on my blog for a month?! OMGoodness! Let me tell ya, my feet have barely touched the ground since all this excitement! I just don't think it could get much better than this! ;) I don't remember being this excited in ages! I have had trouble concentrating from sheer giddiness...and now I need to go upstairs to finish my card for tomorrow's Color Dare because I'm sure Riley is wondering where it is!

Have a great Tuesday...see you tomorrow!


  1. YIKES - don't you hate when that happens...??? A few days ago my batterie went dead...of course it was at a time were I was super busy...LOL!!! I guess we can't control that - huh???

    Hope your hubby will feel better soon!!! Hugs ~S~

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations Deb!!! That's so awesome. Hey, you probably helped out my granny when you were at Kuakini! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! : )