Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 5 of 2RB Sneaks!

Today Jami, Maraya, and Jeanette are giving you sneak peeks of one or the other of two new sets, Chicken Impossible and Hawaiian Chicken. I'm sure you'll agree with me...every one of these chicken sets is SO fun! I must admit, I'm a little partial to Cajun Chicken and Hawaiian chicken, having grown up in Louisiana and then living in Hawaii for four years! ;)

I'm up in my craft room today (the spare bedroom...I'm wishing for a *real* craft room in the worst way!), working on some other new things to show I am hoping to be back in a bit! Then I'll be going to Good Friday services later this evening. Of course, this service is one of the most somber of the year as we remember the crucifixion and death of Christ and in response strip the church of all its light and vestments, but even Good Friday is filled with the hope of Life and Resurrection. After all, it was the Day the Temple Veil was torn in two, from top to bottom!

So maybe I'll see you later, or for sure tomorrow!

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