Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy to be HOME!

Hello! We *just* got back from a whirlwind trip to Lake Junaluska, North Carolina! We took 3 vehicles full of teens from our church along with four 8+ hour adventure each way for the Winter Thaw Retreat. I actually took a big batch of stamps to trim, which helped the trip up pass a little faster!

The highlight of our trip was the day the kids spent skiing at Cataloochee. They had a blast! For many of them it was their first time seeing snow! The snow they skied on was actually man-made, but God showered a nice little flurry of flakes on us the last night we were there, which was actually an answer to a prayer! We were delighted!

Here is a picture of Matthew and his friend Jordan (not his girlfriend, just a girl friend!) just as they had finished their Saturday morning ski school! Smiles of triumph! LOL!

You can tell that we are not experts at the chilly NC mornings...this picture was taken hastily just after breakfast this morning immediately before piling into the van for the trip home. Brrrrr!

Many of the kids had been sick before leaving and we were worried they might not be able to travel...I came down with the same yucky cold the morning we left, and ended up having NO voice the entire trip! I actually sound a bit better today than yesterday, and I am SO thrilled to be home...back in sunny Florida and in my own warm bed! I missed my computer terribly (I actually sneaked a couple of peeks at my blog comments while we were there, but had no email access!). Hoping to feel better and to get onto some stamping tomorrow morning!


  1. Hey Deb!!! I'm so sorry I missed your call!!! I'm still recouperating from a head cold as well and took a nice nappy - LOL!!!

    Sounds like you all had fun?!? Hope you feel better as well!!!
    Big hugs ~S~