Sunday, October 26, 2008

Whew! What a Weekend!

Home from Faith's retreat! WOW! So much fun but I am wiped out! I can only imagine how tired she is!

We made SO many fun, wonderful projects! We stamped all evening Friday, then all day Saturday, with shoebox swap Saturday night. Thankfully they all DID like my card, and I loved all of theirs! We were up until midnight, then I got up at 5 a.m. this morning to get on the road by 5:15, home by 7:45 just long enough for a quick clean-up and change of clothes, then off to church for two services, and finally to our musical for a 1:30 performance.

I always get nervous, no matter how well I know my music or how many times I've performed solo...but in this piece, the angel Gabriel sang before me, "Be not afraid..." and it really helped calm my nerves! That and the fact that quite a few friends were seated where I could see their smiling faces! They gave me so much comfort! It was really fun to watch Matthew...this was his first experience with a large (almost 100 voices) choir. Someone in the congregation (not our home church) came to me afterward and described Matthew, asking if he were *mine*...she said that he looked so excited that the music would just jump right out of him! Yep, that's MY boy! I'm so proud of him! My friend, Julie, had a very moving solo also, which she nailed! We could not have asked for a better opening day (which I must say was an answer to a prayer! Gotta give credit where credit is due!)

I'm looking forward to settling back into normal routine, although tomorrow I DO hope to sleep in a little later than normal! We'll have another Celebrate Life performance Wednesday evening, and then our final one in another week. Lots of work, but it is such a blessing! I am looking forward to some is so soothing, especially in the midst of this hectic schedule!

Thanks for stopping by to visit! Please make SURE to come back tomorrow! :)


  1. Wow girl that's sounded like a really bussssssssy weekend. I think I got tired just from reading everything you'm glad though it was all a great success :) sounds like YOUR BOY :) had quite the performance. :) I'd be a proud mama too :) see on SCS in the morning.

  2. So glad that the musical went well. I know you must be so rpoud of your boy!!