Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Whew! It has been a day and a half of *redirects!* Things just don't always go according to plan! That's OK! It's all good...I just didn't get to accomplish all the things I wanted to, one of which was stamping.

Last night before choir I was searching for our church's manger, which we plan to use in our three-church musical that begins this Sunday. I had seen it several weeks ago, but then could only find half of it to bring it to tomorrow night's dress rehearsal. Yikes! Away IS the manger! After Bible study this morning I retraced my steps and looked in every conceivable place.....still no manger. Following my voice lesson this afternoon I went to one of the other churches to try on costumes and guess what! The Mary costume that I was supposed to wear is also MIA!

Back at my own church later, I ended up climbing into the space that is behind our giant projection screen, and thankfully, there was the manger! I was so relieved I almost wanted to cry! Finally, the day ended with a trip to WalMart to find some Mary fabric, followed by an ice cream run to Maggie Moo's with my son and his youth group (Caramel Fudge Swirlpool. YUM!) so...

...tomorrow in my *spare* time, I'll be making a costume! The fabric that I purchased is tea-dyed muslin, along with some blue woven cotton for a shawl and a paler blue knit for covering up all of my silver hair. I let the lady at WalMart talk me into trying to do this without a pattern, and I hope that I won't be sorry I made that choice!

I thought that since I don't have a card to show you today, I would share a couple of my favorite Halloween decorations. The first is a candle carrier that I made several years ago. A Yankee candle fits perfectly inside. I just love it! The other is a wall hanging that is the first thing I see when I step into the is a wood plaque painted with acrylic paint and then wood-burned, and I just love the fun colors and dimensional design. Both of these were patterns from books that I purchased years ago from the Artist's Club.

OK! Back to yesterday's unfinished business! Jacquie tagged me, so it's time for me to tag 7 of my friends! These are all friends of mine that are fellow challenge-stalkers. I could have kept on going with several more, but I'll save 'em for next time!

Did you notice the glass of wine in the picture at the beginning of this post? I'm gonna go relax now! Gotta get some rest in prep for tomorrow's craziness! ;)


  1. You are one busy woman...I think that is great! Everytime we fulfill one task, we become stronger. At least that is what I think...p.s. love the decoration.

  2. I love the pumpkin! It is so cute! Your blog is an awesome resourece for great ideas!