Monday, August 20, 2012

A few tips on bow-tying!

Here on my blog and also in the card-making classes that I teach, I get lots of comments on my bows.  :)  I love ribbon!  Most of my cards have bows of some sort...sometimes a small, stylish bow, but more often than not, a big, poufy one!

Last week over on Paper Craft Planet, Lyn shared her method for the perfect bow.  For this week's tutorial, I'm sharing a few of my own tips and tricks for tying bows.  Hopefully you'll learn something new that will help you tie a gorgeous bow on your own projects.

I'm happy to say that you'll be seeing lots of bows here on my blog...May Arts shared a lovely package of ribbon with each of us on the Our Craft Lounge design team, so I have lots of beautiful ribbon to play with!