Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Things!

Hello friends!  I'm sitting in my comfy chair sipping Keurig coffee as I write this post!  It is great to be home (if only for a day), especially since I spent yesterday living life on the edge!  ;)  Of course, I'm kidding, but it definitely was a little nerve-wracking...I flew home on stand-by and for a while there I thought my luggage would make it on board without me.  As it turned out, I was the next-to-last person to get a seat...and that seat was a window seat at the very back of the plane with a beautiful view of the jet engine!  I was very glad to have brought a good book to read and a few markers to do a little coloring!

I'm not even unpacking my bags...I will be leaving tomorrow around noon for CHA in Anaheim!  I would normally be SO excited, but this time it is kinda bittersweet.  I have missed my husband and son so much, and I'm wishing that I could have a little more time at home before going again!

I am already really missing my parents, hoping that Mom is faring well and that she won't over-do it now that her help is gone.  This past week was certainly a testimony to the treasure of family and friends...I don't know what our family would have done without the support of our neighbors, friends, and church family.  So many people sent cards, came to visit, brought food, offered to run errands, and sent prayers heavenward...and certainly those prayers were answered.  I can't begin to express how grateful I am!

It's often the little things that make a huge difference!  Those things do not go unnoticed, and when someone takes the time and makes the effort to go the extra mile, it is definitely appreciated! That is what my mom's paper lady does!  Instead of tossing the paper into their yard, she takes the time to walk to their door and hang it on the door knob.  It sounds so small, but it is a huge help to my mom each morning!

On the morning of Mom's surgery, we were up really early getting ready to go to the hospital when the paper lady arrived at 4:45, so we were able to chat with her and tell her thank-you in person, but I wanted to do something more for her, so I made this little door hanger.   I hope it makes her feel special, because she certainly is!

The Cat's Pajamas Bearing Flowers
Gina K Pure Luxury card stock
Basic Grey Picadilly designer paper
Spellbinders classic circles, picot-edged circles
Memento ink
Tim Holtz tea dye distress ink
Copic markers


  1. Hey sweet Deb! Been thinking and praying for you as the past few weeks have been chaotic. This door hanger is precious and it is the little things :) What a sweet paper lady your mom has...
    Enjoy CHA...will miss not seeing you this year! I imagine it will be hard to leave again, but it is only a few days and then life slows down (don't we pray) :) Hugs!!!

  2. Oh Deb, this is darling and your Mom's paper lady is a dear to take the time to do this for your Mom. Bless her heart! I can't wait to meet you tomorrow at CHA! I'm so looking forward to it!

  3. Wonderful door hanger, Deb - I'm sure she will appreciate it! Have a fun time at CHA! I'm glad I got to meet you last year, anyway:) I'm happy to hear your mom is doing so well.

  4. Been thinking of you a lot lately, Deb...and your mom! So glad she's doing much better! Still praying for a speedy and complete recovery. She has a real sweet paper lady to do that...I don't think ours would do anything like that...:(. I know she will enjoy that cute, cute door hanger!!
    Hugz2u, sweetie and safe flights. Come back and let us know about all the good stuff! ;D

  5. Awwweee Deb I've read through the trouble with you mom and I have to say that i'm relieved that to hear she is doing well...I have been so busy and try to get updated with everyone but life gets nuts.

    Is't strange in away when all your siblings are in one place for a reason but that reason doesn't matter because you feel somehow complete..?

    I wish your mom the easiest, complete recovery...i could imagine how you are missing them all..going from one place to another...and gee aren't those engines so darn pretty! they just coast so wonderfully over the soft

    Awe Deb...try to get through CHA knowing moms out of the hospital and your family is waiting for you to come home with your beautiful smile.


  6. Oh ya! I almost left this out! I think the Mail Lady will love the door hanger you made for her...i love it to pieces :)