Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I found a cute dangly wooden spider at Michael's (ha! this is one of those rare occasions when the words "cute" and "spider" actually do belong in the same sentence together!) and thought it would be absolutely perfect for today's Flower Soft color challenge:  orange and black!

Before fuzzifying my cute spider with ultrafine Flower Soft, I removed the hanging cord and painted the wooden shapes with matching acrylic paint front and back...the edges of the wood were sort of burnished, so I left them natural, which saved a little time! Once the paint was dry, I opened a bottle of Flower Soft glue and used an old brush to stroke it onto the front of one section at a time, making sure to let the Burnt Sienna thoroughly dry before moving on to the Black.  To finish, I replaced the original jute and bead hanger with a cute plaid Halloween ribbon.

I took these photos outside for the natural light, but since this is not weatherproof, my project will actually be displayed indoors...I opted to leave the back side un-fuzzified for easier storage, especially since it will be hanging from a peg against the wall.

Ultrafine Flower Soft certainly boosted the creepy factor and made this Halloween spider a whole lot more fun!

Visit the Flower Soft blog to see what my design team mates have created for this orange and black challenge.  My post may be a little earlier than theirs since I'm EST!  


  1. Now that's a cool spider! Love it!

  2. You always have the best projects and this is no exception. I LOVE IT!