Thursday, May 2, 2019

Congratulations! Great Job!

This week I've been spending my evenings at our local community theater as my son and his fellow cast-mates have been  working to put the finishing touches on their production of Little Women. Another Debbie and I have been frantically working to clothe them all scene-by-scene in somewhat period-correct clothing borrowed from my reenactment friends and from other local community theaters.  We've been altering, mending, and sewing for several weeks and thankfully everything is finally coming together right on time for our Thursday evening soft opening.

I'm SO proud of all the work that's been put into this production, and even though it's "just" been rehearsal, several of the songs and scenes have already moved me to tears!  This cast has been hitting it out of the ballpark.  ❤️  That's why I was inspired to create a "Little Women" congratulations/good job card for today's Stamp Simply project.  I love how this paper and these two stamp sets have worked so well together to create a card so perfect for this occasion.

This was a really simple card to put together because the focal points are such vibrantly colorful, beautiful little vignettes and quotes that look great just as they are.  A little matting and a few simple embellishments are really all you need to make a simple but elegant card.  

Here's the inside.  I just HAD to use this quote, because over and over throughout both acts, through music and lines, Jo tells of her plans to "astonish you all someday."  I have been astonished by the generosity of my friends and the talent and dedication of this cast and crew.  They are amazing!  

I'm SO grateful that the play will be running for two consecutive weekends!  Since I am leaving this morning for the 1860s Civilian Celebration in Capon Springs, WV on a trip that was planned well before the play was on the calendar, I will miss all four performances of opening weekend.  Thankfully there will be several more performances over Mother's Day weekend, so I will get to see it after all.  

Here are the supplies I've used for today's Stamp Simply project:

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