Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas is coming!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating today!  I am so thankful for my family and friends, for each special relationship and for the time we share together.  I'm grateful every single day, but I'm glad that Thanksgiving and Christmas give us the opportunity to celebrate each person in an extra special way.

I know some of you are probably finished with your Christmas shopping by now, but in our household Thanksgiving Day heralds the real beginning of the Christmas season, when the list-making gets into high gear!  My Stamp Simply project for today is a little decorated notepad to keep all of those Christmas lists in one place.

I like using an electronic calendar, but I still really like thinking things through on paper...I enjoy using something that is not too precious but still a little more special than a sheet of scratch paper, something that looks cute instead of adding clutter to a landscape that is already filled to the brim with decorations and sentimentals.  

I don't want my cute list keeper to be disposable, though!  I want to be able to change the tablet when I run out of paper, and I'd like to re-use the cover and start fresh each year, so instead of gluing a notepad to the back cover, I made the project with a slot to slide a fresh pad in when the time comes.  It's just another sheet of card stock with part of an oval die cut into the top, glued into the back cover only on the sides and bottom.  

If you have ever made a slot like this, you know that they're pretty tight and require extra width in order for a tablet to fit easily. Rather than adding extra dimension to the entire notepad, I opted to adhere a piece of narrower card board (from the inside of a bias tape package) to the back of the notepad so my cute little project doesn't take up much real estate on my coffee table.  A small piece of  gold mirror card stock also covers the not-so-cute office supply store label at the top of the pad, so the inside is pretty too.  I'm debating going back to add a pocket of a coordinating designer paper to the inside front so I can stash loose papers/receipts and maybe even a pencil.  

Here are the supplies I used for today's project:

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