Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun with Flamingoes

The other day I went shopping for new stamps and stencils at our local stamp store, A Small Cleverness...there was a whole section full of quirky quotes and sentiments and this one really gave me the giggles!  Then I found this cute flamingo paper, and I thought that both would work with our new flamingo brads to make a punny, fun flamingo card.

I wanted the brad to stand out and not get lost in the flock, so I gave it front and center on a circle of contrasting dark gray.   A sprinkling of pink enamel dots brought the darker pink from the designer paper across to the light pink card stock that the sentiment was stamped on, also giving the design a sort of quirky, chaotic feeling that corresponds with the "technical difficulties" sentiment.

Unfortunately, that was the last of the lighter pink paper.  The darker paper for the inside means I'll have to use a gel-pen in a lighter ink for this card, but that's ok!  

I am counting down until Scrapbook Expo Orlando when I get to meet my Eyelet Outlet friends and shop the store in person!  Can't wait to see IRL that flamingo washi tape and lots of other fun stuff that I am excited to get my hands on!  (I have seen some previews of more flamingo fun that will be coming your way from our other designers, so stay tuned to the Eyelet Outlet blog!)

I hope my card gave you a chuckle and gets your weekend off to a light-hearted start!  Wishing you lots of sunshine and laughter!


  1. Love your flamingo. Hope to see you at the Expo. I will be there Friday morning shopping and taking a couple classes in the afternoon. Let's plan a time to meet!

    1. Yes, we HAVE to meet! I am SO excited about that trip! It will be so much fun!

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they? And retro too! So fun! Thank you!

  3. Cute card and great sentiment!