Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Luv U!

Here's another Hearts & Hugs Valentine that--with a change of designer papers and colors--could very well be an everyday greeting. Luv U is something you can never sincerely say too often!

Sassafras Lass' Lots of Luck patterned paper has an interesting zig-zag border along one edge, so I cut it off and used it as an intersecting design element. The silk flower ties the colors of the hearts and the border together and echoes the zig-zag edges...the stamped and Copic-colored line art reflects the shapes of the design within the patterned paper. I used the brown striped side of a second Sassafras print, Girl's Best Friend, as a mat for the busier pattern. The folds of white satin ribbon appear to thread through the flower to the sentiment, but the Luv U is actually stamped on white card stock.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! One more sleep (if I can actually manage to tonight! I might be too excited!) and we'll be off to CHA!


  1. I agree about the I LUV U...I say it all the time to my kids. Your card is beautiful. I hope you have a great time at CHA..bring back lots of pictures and have safe travels.

  2. Good for you! Not enough people use the "L" word often enough! Your card is just beautiful! I'm jealous that you are going to CHA! Have fun, and come back with lots of ideas!

  3. Awesome card, Deb! Have a WONDERFUL time at CHA - it would be soooo fun to be there!

  4. This is gorgeous! Have a blast at CHA!!!