Thursday, March 15, 2018

Choose Joy!

Hi everyone!  I'm here today with a kinda corny, very "MeMaw-ish" card that was really fun to make.  It was inspired both by a card on Pinterest and by all of the cockades ads I have been seeing as I've researched and worked on my 1860s historic garb.  Apparently wearing cockades was a big deal back then!  

The double-sided old-fashioned floral/striped Kaisercraft paper made this design easy...all it took was a little slit and a couple of scores to fashion the collar.  The edging is some crocheted lace that I cut in half and stitched into place. 

I love these sentiments!  Don't we all need a reminder occasionally?!  And isn't remembering to be grateful each morning the most excellent way to choose joy on a daily basis?!  xo

Here are all of the supplies I used, all from Stamp Simply

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